NSR Volunteers Needed For Tomorrow 4/25/2015

The 2015 National Selection Regatta has been going on this week at Mercer Lake in Princeton. Mark Craig, Jack and Dave Gallagher from the Men’s team volunteered to serve as stake boat holders this morning. “It was fun and easy.” The Men’s coach, Liz Soutter, is helping run the regatta and really needs at least two more volunteers for tomorrow (4/25) for the finals. Specific volunteer needs are at the bottom of THIS page (where people can sign up also).

When he says “Get your point!”, you damn well better get your point!

Linda Bachert was also a stakeholder last Thursday morning for the National Selection Regatta and took the great photo below. Liz is going to need more volunteers for part two of this in May. See sign up sheets at bottom of linked page: http://usrowing.org/NationalTeams/OlympicPanAmSeniorNationalTeam/SrNTSelectionEvents/2015NSR2.aspx