New Rule Regarding Cold Water Safety

Important Notice to all club members:

As we are bringing out the boats this coming weekend, please note that there has been a change to the conditions that will put a Red Flag up at the site.

The “Red Flag–No Rowing by any club member” designation has been revised to include the water temperature to be less than 45 degrees.  This is added to current restriction of 12 feet of water as read by the NOAA/USGS guages in Trenton.

We will also fly a Blue Flag while the temperature is less than 60 degrees.  The Blue Flag will require:

A chart explaining the club’s flag system is here.

Rowers classified as Novice and Youth rowers to adhere to the “Four Oars Rule.” If the combinedwater/ambient air temperature does not total 90 degrees (F) or greater (with water temperature at least 45 degrees) a SCRC boat must use a least four oars to ensure a minimum of stability in the water.

As usual the in the early spring, the river is running high and cold.  Please check the website and the link to the NOAA/USGS Site for the water level and temperature.  Note that the temperature is approximately 40 degrees which will place a Red Flag at the site.  We will send a note to club when the water temperature is steadily above 45 degrees.

The boats are coming out storage over weekend so we will be set to row when the river conditions will are safe.