Membership Meeting Recap 9/24/2016

Below is a recap of our Membership Meeting held this past Saturday, September 24, at the boat site.

Financial Health of the Club
We are trending well financially into the last quarter of the year and have funds to cover our year-end expenses (US Rowing Dues and Insurance Premium) along with some necessary boat repairs. We should be able to carry a surplus into the New Year due to a number of fund raising events:

  • We had a very successful Apparel Sale, organized by our youth representative on the board, Olivia Cantrell.
  • A Pasta Dinner Night, organized by Holly Sleph, will be repeated later in October. This saves a night of cooking during the week and the chicken parm was awesome! Be on the lookout for more details!
  • Last winter’s ErgFest was a success, thanks to Steve Platt, David Cuff and Holly Green
  • This year’s Learn to Row programs, including one-day LTR programs for Cross-Fit Clubs, provided additional funds to the clubs account.
  • Our fourth year with a rowing program for the Solebury School and year one with the Stem Civics School, a charter high school in the Trenton School District, were successful 2016 initiatives by SCRC.

2017 Membership Dues
The Board is reviewing a proposal which would keep the dues at the current level if paid by the due date of March 1st. After this date, there would be an incremental surcharge applied in addition to the basic dues. The reason for this is to allow for the proper planning based on our membership levels; the sooner we know the membership totals, the better we can plan for equipment needs and boat scheduling. The Board will review and vote on this change during the October Board Meeting.

Site Appearance & Maintenance
You may have noticed that we removed the trash can from the site. This was necessary because the trash was always overflowing, due to the use by the general public, and we could not keep up with emptying the can. Everyone who walked by with their dogs was depositing their bags and other items in our trash can. Going forward, we will sweep the site for misplaced items on a weekly basis.

2017 Planning
If you would like to get more involved with the Club Management and Operations, please contact me or one of our Board Members. We do have opportunities to serve on committees or on the Board next year.

This fall the Club will once again request input for the anticipated equipment needs for 2017. We will follow the acquisition process, which will prioritize our needs for the coming year, with more information to follow in the coming weeks.

Best regards and thanks for being part of SCRC!

Richard Park
SCRC President