March News


The SCRC Ergfest was held yesterday. There was a very good turnout from SCRC and other clubs in the region. Thank you to David Cuff and Steve Platt and all of the other members who helped out with organization, registration and erg moves (including the Linus Erg-O-Van). Congratulations to the participants and winners. Check the SCRC website for results (soon).

Youth Coaching Assistance Needed

The Youth Program Committee has been seeking candidates for coaching for this spring and summer. Two candidates expressed interest. Unfortunately, one who hoped to be available for the spring had to withdraw due to medical reasons. The Committee is continuing to make contacts seeking coaches. However, we are currently heading toward the beginning of the spring season on March 25 with only one coach – Carol Hey. We need more than one adult on the river with the youth in order provide adequate coaching, and also to maintain safety. SCRC members who are capable coaches or who can volunteer to drive a launch and assist in maintaining safety on the river for the youth are requested to contact Pat Glover ([email protected]). If you can coach, you will need to provide a rowing/coaching resume and get a background check.

Wood Chips Needed

We need wood chips to spread at the boat site. Hardwood chips are preferred. Free is preferred. Please contact Rich Park ([email protected]) if you have a source of wood chips.

Boat Move

Don’t forget that the boat move will occur on March 23. We need all hands on deck. To unload the trailer, bring small boats back from the Sodano’s barn, re-rig, rack oars and generally get the site ready for rowing season. Activities begin at 8:30 AM.

Time to Pay Your Membership Dues

Please fill out your membership form for this season and send in your dues.