Laura Barry SJU Hall of Fame Induction

The W1 boat is very proud to share that LB (Laura Barry) of the W1 boat was inducted into her alma mater’s (St Joseph’s Univ) Athletic Hall of Fame for Rowing. The team started her freshman year and she was the first captain of Women’s crew.

LB told us that during the celebration a younger woman came up to her and thanked her for all she did to start the rowing at SJU. She told her that she rowed for SJU after her, and then went on to row in the 2008 Olympics! (Her name is Renee Hykel)

LB helped to smooth the path for many women to come to row competitively at SJU and into their “masters years”. We are very happy to have LB back rowing and racing with Swan Creek’s W1 after a brief hiatus.