Guaranteed Entry to the 2014 Head of the Charles

Pat and Jane_edited-1Congratulations are in order for Jane Wilson and Pat Glover who  finished within 5% of the winning time in their event-division in the 2013 Head of the Charles and have earned a guaranteed entry into the 2014 regatta. Quite an accomplishment! A Swan Creek first and a huge honor for the club.

Women’s Grand Master Doubles
Storrs/Dundas; Ridley Graduate Boat Club (22:20.8 or 0.00%)
Schwefel/Sabo; Lake Union Crew (22:36.052 or 1.13%)
Trzcinski/Wroten; Riverside Boat Club (22:41.4 or 1.52%)
Grinnell/Hasenfeld; Community Rowing, Inc. (23:16.4 or 3.99%)
Wilson/Glover; Swan Creek Rowing Club (23:25.9 or 4.63%)

Details here.