End of the Season – Boat Move 11/10/12

We hope by now that everyone is back ‘on the grid’ and enjoying the wonders of electricity. It was a tough week for everyone.

Unfortunately, with the water and air temperatures dropping and the possibility of major storms raising, the end of the rowing season has arrived.

Boat Move: Saturday November 10th 9AM
(We need your help)
We are going to move the majority of the boats Saturday morning, starting at 9AM.
We need all the help we can pull together to do this quickly and efficiently. Please tools, boat racks, etc. The team boats will be stored on the trailer, but the small boats will require transporting to their storage area. Many of the boats are already de-rigged, so the move should go quickly.

If you ordered a new Swan Creek Jacket,  they will be at the boat move for you to pick up. If  you cannot pick them up this Saturday, please contact a friend to pick them up for you.

See you on Saturday.