Coronavirus Update II

The SCRC Board met over teleconference on Wednesday night to discuss and update the Club’s current position regarding the coronavirus outbreak. The following was determined:
1) In accordance with US Rowing’s latest guidance for member organizations issued on March 15th, we are pausing our season for “at least a few weeks.” This means that tomorrow’s Site Clean Up and the following weekend’s Boat Move-In are postponed until April (at the earliest). This, in and of itself, doesn’t delay us much based on this past year’s weather and river conditions in the first month of the season.
2) More significantly, and in accordance with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s closure of State Park facilities and prohibition of Event activity until April 30th, we will not be returning and racking our larger boats or running any Group rowing activity until the current social distancing provisions that we’re all living under in NJ or PA are eased or lifted. We will also not be putting our launches in the river.
This prohibits all Group rowing activity such as the Youth Program, Women’s Team coordinated activity, Men’s Team coordinated activity, Club Row, Learn To Row etc. until further notice. YOUTH PARENTS: We will be refunding all Youth memberships and program fees paid to date and then reestablishing programs as soon as appropriate.
3) In line with the permitted “Passive recreation with social distancing,” we will be allowing private boat owners to rack your singles/doubles after April 1st.  Boat Captain Brian Price will be reaching out to private boat owners with rack assignment and move-in information. Please note under this Advisory that the Restrooms in the Park will be closed until April 30th. Rowing privileges require Club membership dues to have been paid and adherence to the Club’s Safety Flag protocol.
4) In line with the permitted “Passive recreation with social distancing,” we will also be moving a selection of the Club’s singles, doubles and trainers back to the site for those Club members who wish to row a single or a double with a “trusted partner who you know is also socially distancing.” Boat reservations will be managed via iCrew. Again, rowing privileges require Club membership dues to have been paid; a competent knowledge of the river; validated experience to operate small boats; a flip test on record and adherence to the Club’s Safety Flag protocol.
5) We are looking to provide additional hygiene and equipment cleaning direction before rowing activity commences. By now, I’m sure we are all following CDC advice to stay home if feeling sick, wash hands, clean down surfaces and use a hand sanitizer etc. Those same conditions should be practiced at the site.
6) In light of the current situation, I advise all members who have yet to pay their membership dues to evaluate the conditions above and determine if you will have the opportunity to row in the short term. If you do, please move forward with paying your membership dues. If you don’t see an opportunity to row in the near future, feel free to hold off until we return to Group rowing and larger boats or pay now and view it as a donation to keep the Club in good financial health. We don’t typically issue refunds but if you have already paid your annual membership fee, won’t be rowing in the short term and would like to be refunded, please contact Steve Platt, Club Treasurer.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we look to make decisions in the best interests of all involved, placing the health, safety and well-being of our members and community above all other considerations.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
Bill King
Swan Creek Rowing Club

est. 1992