Concept2 Erg Opportunity

ErgFest 2017 – Concept2 Erg Opportunity

After the success from last year’s ErgFest, Swan Creek is once again considering pursuing the opportunity to make NEW Concept2 Ergs available to Club Members at a discounted price.

The Concept2 Erg is the industry standard and considered the best training tool for rowing, beyond rowing in a Boat.  If there is enough interest, we would be able to offer an essentially new Erg to club members at a discounted price.  Last year we were able to sell the Ergs for $790 and saved club members over $200 compared with buying an Erg directly from Concept2.


The Ergs offered would be purchased by the club for use at the Swan Creek Rowing Club ErgFest, tentatively scheduled for March 5, and would be available after the event.  The Ergs would be the Black Concept2 Model D with the latest PM5 Monitor.  These are great gifts for the rower in your family or as an effective fitness tool. The best thing about these Ergs is that they hold their value.  On the off chance Erg rowing ends up not being your thing, you would still be able to recover most, if not all of your investment (historical statement and does not reflect future markets).

Before the club will commit to purchasing the Ergs, we would like to know if there is interest among any of the club members in purchasing one of these Concept2 Ergs at a great price.  If you are interested or have any questions, contact me within the next few days by replying to this message or emailing me at [email protected].

Thank you,

Alan Albanir
Swan Creek Rowing Club
Vice President