Concept 2 Erg Opportunity

Swan Creek is considering pursuing an opportunity to make NEW Concept2 ergs available to club members at a discounted price. The Concept2 erg is the industry standard and probably the best training tool beyond rowing in a boat. If there is enough interest, we would be able to offer an essentially new erg to club members at a cost no more than $790/unit. That’s a $210 savings off of buying a new erg directly form Concept 2. The Ergs offered would be used at the SCRC ErgFest and would be available after the event. The ergs would be the black Concept 2 Model D Ergs with the latest PM5 monitor.


Before committing to this, we would like to get an idea of interest from you over the next few days. If you are interested and would purchase an erg, please send a note to Alan Albanir at [email protected].

Alan Albanir
Swan Creek Vice President.