Club Email Addresses

We’ve set up some ‘generic’ email addresses to better direct email to people involved with managing the club and its activities. Email sent to these addresses is forwarded to the personal email account of the person currently occupying a given role. As roles change hands (e.g., following club elections) email will be redirected accordingly. The following addresses can be used to send email to the folks listed below:

  • Rick Park –
  • Tom Linus – (aka vice president)
  • Abra Haverstick –
  • Linda Piper –
  • Nancy Beadle –
  • Nancy Beadle –
  • All Officers and Board Members –
  • Gwyn Linus –
  • Deborah Jones –
  • Note: the youth program will continue to use

If you are involved in club activities and would like a email address (or would like to be removed from the list above), please send a request here: