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No Flags

July 21, 2021. River has calmed and now is below 11′. No flags.

Always use good sense when determining if you should row; weather (wind, fog) and water conditions (debris, white caps) change very quickly and cannot be automatically indicated on the Safety Flag. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and do not row .

SCRC Rules

The SCRC Board identified rule changes that were not incorporated into the posted Club Rules Summary. All of the club rules have been reviewed and posted in 1 PDF on the website at Rowing > SCRC Rules. Information is posted in sections on the website at Membership > Club Rules Summary.  Please review. Below are some pertinent topics.

  • Incorporated use of iCrew and removed desk log book
  • Updated safety flag information.
  • Defined novice rowers and novice boats.
    • Yellow Flag: caution water conditions. Novice boats not permitted to row. Fore example, water level is between 11’ and 12’.
    • Blue Flag: Water temperature is less than 60 degrees. Novice Master boats and all Youth boats must adhere to the Four-Oar Rule.
  • No rowing at night.
  • No rowing in dense fog, defined as limited or no visibility of the Free Bridge (New Hope-Lambertville) from the launch site.
  • No rowing if you hear thunder or see lightning. Wait 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder before launching.
  • No rowing if there is a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning issued for Bucks or Hunterdon County.  If there is a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch issued for Bucks or Hunterdon County, coaches and rowers should check radar, use extreme caution, and be in a position to return to the launch area quickly as storms can change course and/or develop unpredictably.
  • Members should be mindful of the changing times of dawn and dusk during the season. Boats may launch 30 minutes before sunrise and must have a bow light. Boats launching around sunset must launch with a bow light and must return before 30 minutes after sunset.
  • Complete and submit an iCrew Equipment Damage Report or Incident Report to notify the Board of any issues.
  • Identified the requirements to coach at SCRC. All coaches must be approved by the board.
  • Identified that experienced, adult members who have completed the Basic Skills Checklist may secure coaching services for themselves and other adult members who are experienced rowers. The experienced, adult member manages the coaching, which includes having the coach’s emergency contact information, scheduling the session, ensuring availability of the launch, ensuring that the gas tank is sufficiently full for the coaching session and afterwards, completing any damage or incident reports if applicable, and ensuring that the coach is paid.