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Safety First

Thanks to everyone who readied the site and rigged/racked the boats. Since boats are at the site and rowing will begin soon, we want to remind you of major safety rules.

  • No rowing if the water level is 12’ or higher (per NOAA site for Delaware River at Trenton)
  • No rowing if the water temperature is below 45°.
  • Only experienced rowers (more than 1 year of recent rowing experience) may row when the water level is between 11’ and 12’.
  • No rowing in dense fog. Dense fog constitutes limited or no visibility of the Free Bridge (New Hope-Lambertville) from the launch site.
  • Bow lights must be used when launching at dawn and dusk.
  • No rowing in darkness (e.g., early morning or night).
  • Youth rowers may only row as part of the Youth Program during Youth Program practices unless the youth is approved by the Youth Head Coach and Board to row a single with a buddy when the river is less than 11’.
  • River navigation must be followed (summary below, details to be posted)
    • Generally: North on NJ side; South on PA side
    • 202 Bridge: do not go North through 1st NJ arch
    • 202 Bridge North: No rowing on NJ third of the river (rock hazards)
  • Follow the 2021 COVID Rules

SCRC uses safety flags posted at the site and on to identify some rowing conditions. The website “flag” is for guidance; it is changed automatically based on data retrieved from the NOAA site and cannot take into account conditions that are not related to water level and temperature. Conditions observed at the river (e.g., heavy debris) may necessitate a more restrictive flag.  The flag posted at the site takes priority over the website flag.  However, nothing beats your own common sense; if in doubt about rowing, err on the side of caution and don’t go out.


Flag designations are:

Red = no rowing

Yellow = only members with more than 1 year of rowing experience may row

Blue = cold water

Brown = low water

Fish = Shad netting occurring up river

Rowing 2021

Good News. Rowing is Back!

Current COVID guidelines allow for all boats, including 8+, to be rowed. The Board has issued the 2021 COVID-19 rules based on US Rowing and New Jersey COVID guidance. Please review these rules. Below are a few items to keep in mind.

  1. Self-check your temperature prior to arriving at the site.
  2. Do not come to the site if you have an elevated temperature, have tested positive for COVID-19, or know you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive.
  3. Wear a mask at all times while on land.
  4. Sanitize shared equipment prior to and after use.
  5. Coxswains in stern-coxed boats (8+ and some 4+) are required to wear wrap-around eye protection and a mask while on the water.
  6. One crew at a time on the ramp when launching/returning.
  7. All other safety rules are still in effect (e.g., river height, water temperature)

Organize your rowing buddies. Plan your season. Join the club. Currently, membership is open to past members and you should have received a Constant Contact email with membership links. If you were a 2019 or 2020 member and did not receive an email, please contact