Boat Move Success

Thank you everyone for your help this morning with the boat move and site clean-up. Everyone did a great job and we were done in about two hours.

We are missing a fan rake that someone brought with them. If you accidentally went home with the wrong one then just shoot me a note and we will reunite it with it’s owner.

We are all looking forward to getting out on the water. With the pending river crest tomorrow please note that the red flag is up.

The following is a list of repairs/parts that we believe are required for some of the boats. If you noticed something damaged while rigging the boats and it’s not listed below, then let me know which boat and which part is damaged. We will try to get the new parts as soon as possible.

1.0 Catherine 4+ Stroke seat shoes were eaten while in storage.
2.0 MV8 – Vespoli needs long bolts (7/16).
3.0 Two cox box holders are missing/Broken.
4.0 one wheel on the extra Hudson seat is broken.
5.0 Yellow Peinert wheel is broken on the seat.
6.0 Kaspher 8+ – Some of the rigger bolts have sheared and need to be replaced.

Thanks Everyone!
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