Boat and Site Move

I would like to give you an update on the latest news regarding the site move. We have been given an extension until November 12th to vacate our current location and will be moving across the road for the 2018 season. So…what happens next???

The key weekends the work will be done are November 4 – 5 & 11- 12. This is a big job so we will need all members to be involved to make this move happen. Please block off these dates so you will be able to help along with your fellow club members.

The easy part will be to move all of our boats and oars into storage, as we do every year. For a complete site shutdown, there are many more things to consider. That said, for this project we would like someone to volunteer to fill the role as our Project Coordinator. If you would have the time to commit to this, please contact me directly at [email protected].

We are preparing the work plan now; we just need someone who can help coordinate and implement the plan. The plan will include:
Load all Club boats and oars on to our trailers; as in past years, we will store the boats in a pole barn in Kingswood Township, NJ.
Confirm a storage location for the coaching launches and engines and for any equipment that does not fit on our trailers (i.e. training 1X boats & the rowing simulators).
Take down all sheds and remove all existing racks – the club will secure a dumpster so we can discard all of this material.
You will receive additional communications over the next week or so that will lay out the plan. If you would like to play a more formal role in developing the Plan, please contact Ted Pytlar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All private boats must be removed from the site by October 29.

Thank you!