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USRowing Master Nationals 2017 Results

  • Swan Creek Men win the Mens Open D 4- at Masters Nationals in Oak Ridge, Tenn, with a blistering start and two boat lengths of open water by 400 meters. A final time of 3:14.99 for the 1000m.
National Champions in the Mens Open D 4- at USRowing Masters Nationals in Oak Ridge, Tenn, 8/18/2017.

Watch the 4- race here, also some good deals on chicken nachos.

Other results:

  • Mens Open C 2- Heat 1 (Juergen, Brian), 5 of 7
  • Mens Open C 2- Heat 2 (Alan, Dave), 3 of 6 (top 3 to final)
  • Mens Open C 2- Final  (Alan, Dave), 5 of 6

Full results here

Masters Nationals 2017

Alan, Dave, Juergen and Brian are out in Oak Ridge, Tenn racing at USRowing Masters Nationals this Friday and Saturday (8/18-19). You can watch their racing on USRowing’s YouTube channel:

Mens Open D 4-, Friday @ 17:02 here:

Mens Open C 2- (Heats 1 and 2), Saturday @ 11:14 and 11:18 (not broadcast), the final is streamed at 15:15 here:

Heat Sheets are here:

Results are here:

Looking to Row More?

Are you interested in rowing with other people but are finding it hard to organize?


There are a number of members who would like to put boats together, both sculling and sweep…you are not alone!

Email describing what type of rowing you would like to do and a general idea of the days/times that would work best for your schedule. We will try to match you up with others with the same interests and availability.

Meeting and Dedication 9/9/2017

Membership Meeting & Boat Dedication
Saturday, September 9
11:00 am

We are holding a membership meeting at the boat site on Saturday, September 9 at 11 am.

The meeting will begin with the dedication and naming of the 4x Swift boat in honor of Nancy Beadle.

Following the Dedication, we will provide updates on:

We hope to see everyone there!