Alert: Low Water

Please be aware that the water level is dropping. Watch your depth. What was deep enough on your last row may be too shallow today. In general:

  • Stay close to the center line of the river on the appropriate side for your direction of travel (Jersey upstream, Pennsy downstream).
  • Watch the rocky area jutting out by Swan Creek.
  • Move closer to the center line when passing Alexauken Creek, watch for traffic in the opposite direction.  Frequently only one boat can pass. (Think of it a a single lane bridge on a two-way road.)
  • Use the bridge openings on either side of the center pylon appropriate for your direction of travel. Row thru the center of the opening.

Update 8/10/2015 –  Travel through the Free Bridge:

It is critical that all Team Boats–eights, fours, quads–going up the river use the arch to the left of the center pylon (or third opening from PA) to go UP the River. The singles and doubles should use the opening to the right of the center pylon. And all boats should only use the first two openings from PA to go DOWN the river.

It is best to always use these openings no matter how high or low the river is. The habit will help to keep avoid hitting the bottom when the river is too low.

Please see the second page of the River Map

  • Above the toll bridge, traveling upstream on the Jersey side, stay as close as possible to the center line without crossing over to the Pennsy/downstream side.

It’s a good time to review the new Rower’s Map of the River (especially all of our new novices (and new coaches)!)