2021 Site Prep & Boat Move

We are one month away from the Boat move and beginning a new season of rowing. We are planning for a healthier and happier season, but we need your help to keep things on track and abiding New Jersey and US Rowing regulations concerning the pandemic. Here are a few announcements and requests:

  1. Site-Prep: There will be a site clean-up and prep day on Saturday March 13th from 10 AM to Noon. We need 6 to 8 volunteers. Please email Boat Captain Dave Gallagher ([email protected]) if you wish to help. We will be moving wood-chips and installing the racks. Please bring your mask, gloves, and a metal rake or wheel-barrow.
  2. Boat Move is Saturday, March 20 (weather permitting). We will convene at the site at 8 AM. Three of us will haul the trailers back from winter storage. We need 16 volunteers to move, rig, and rack boats. At this stage we plan to only rig and rack the singles and doubles; we will leave the bigger boats on the trailer in the middle of the site until a later date when it will be safe to row. Bring your masks, gloves, and wrenches. Please email Dave to let him know if you will be attending.
  3. Private Boats: Please feel free to bring your private boats to the site after March 20th – but only after you have paid your membership dues. Please check with Dave about your rack assignment.