2016 Board Elections

2016 Board Elections – Time to Get Involved

The Swan Creek Board elections will take place during the third week of November. As we are a volunteer managed organization – everyone needs to be involved on the Board at some time.

The Board works best when there is representation from all of our rower categories – we need novices, as well as experienced, scullers as well as sweepers, recreational as well as competitive, men and women, the old ones and the young ones. Being a Board member doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time, but it is essential that everyone participate – maybe your turn is this year.

General Board Member: There are 5 positions and these are fun ones. Board members attend the meetings and vote to make the decisions that decide how the club functions. Each member usually takes on a project during the year and these make a great contribution to the club. (The projects can vary from setting up the coxbox charging station to managing some of the site maintenance work and the Learn to Row.)

Secretary: The secretary takes minutes of the Board meetings, manages the membership renewal process, as well as the Board elections. There is also some correspondence to be done and records to be kept. The holder of this position gets their annual membership fee free.

Treasurer: The Treasurer pays the annual bills, banks the membership dues, writes checks during the year for boat maintenance, etc. and controls the club bank accounts and budget. The holder of this position gets their annual membership fee free.

Vice President: The Vice President is Boat Captain and manages our fleet and the boat site. The holder of this position gets their annual membership fee free.

President: The President keeps the boat, hopefully, going straight and communicates for the club, both internally and externally. The holder of this position gets their annual membership fee free.

Our elections will be conducted via Constant Contact. I hope you reflect for a few minutes and think about what role you can take.

Please let me or another current board member know if you are interested in running.

Nancy DePalma

Joaquin In, Christina Out

We had 10 entries in the Head of the Christina in Wilmington this coming Sunday, 10/4/2015. Sadly due to Hurricane Joaquin the regatta has been cancelled. The date for next year is 10/2/2016. See the now below from the regatta director:

Dear Coaches,
Regrettably we will have to cancel this year’s Head of the Christina Regatta. It was not an easy decision but with the Marine Police already notifying us they will be pulling back, our starting line station River Taxi cannot go on the water Sunday with the wind predictions, 2 neighboring states declaring States of Emergency already, fairly strong winds still predicted for Sunday (20 to 30 mph), all the rain with potential flooding plus faster currents and larger tides all adds up to potentially unsafe conditions. Not to mention the debris that can come with high waters and the travel risks associated with rain and wind.

I know you all understand that and we ultimately have to look out for the safety of our rowers when making these decisions.
We will be able to do partial refunds through Regatta Central once we assess our expenses already incurred. I will notify you again soon so you can check your credit cards to make sure it comes through.
Thank you for your understanding and as always your continued support.

We hope to see you all again next year. Please mark your calendars for October 2, 2016.

Joseph E. Sullivan
Regatta Director
2015 Head of the Christina

“River” Rescue

On Wednesday, Sept 23, 2015, the Varsity Boys 4+ rescued “River” from the river where he was stranded at the base of one of the bridge abutments. Eyewitness accounts indicate that the kitten was crossing the river on the back of a duck when the duck capsized. Fortunately the kitten was wearing a personal flotation device and, although he hates to admit it,  “doggy” paddled  onto the cement apron around the abutment where he was later found and  rescued by the boys.

RiverKitten1 RiverKitten2 RiverKitten4

Swan Creek Rocks King’s Head 2015

Swan Creek arguably posted our best performance to date in terms of medals at this year’s King’s Head Regatta on the upper Schuylkill in Bridgeport, PA on 9/20/2015.

Men’s High School Trophy awarded to the first place crew in the Mens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 4+ for most improved crew.

Club Results
(Note: as of 9/21/2015 results are still not final and contain some significant errors)

  • Mens Veteran 1x (Ted), 6 of 13
  • Womens Veterans 1x (Pat), 1 or 2 <<< GOLD
  • Mens Master 4+, 1 and 4 of 4 <<< GOLD
  • Mens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 4+, 1 of 7 <<< GOLD & Trophy
  • Womens HS/Youth JV/JR 4+, 1 of 7 <<< GOLD
  • Womens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 4+, 8 and 9 of 12
  • Mens Master 8+, 2 of 3 <<< SLIVER
  • Mens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 8+, 8 of 12
  • Womens HS/Youth JV/JR 8+, 7 of 7
  • Womens Master 4x, 2 of 2 <<< SLIVER
  • Father/Son 2x (Dave and Jack), 1 of 2 <<< GOLD
  • Mens SR Master 1x (Steve), 5 of 7
  • Womens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 8+, 5 of 5
  • Mens HS/Youth JV/JR 8+, 2 of 4 <<< SILVER
  • Mixed Youth 2x (Elizabeth and Neal), 1 of 5 <<< GOLD

Full preliminary results here

Photo gallery below. Click to enlarge.

(Photos courtesy Holly Green and Linda Kruus Harding)
Please send additional pics to webmaster@swancreekrowing.com.

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