2017 Swan Creek Board Elections

2016 Board Elections
An Opportunity to Get Involved!

The 2017 Swan Creek Board Elections will take place during November, prior to our annual meeting in December. As we are a volunteer managed organization, we would like to see everyone involved in the management of our club at some time. Being a Board Member doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time, but it is essential that everyone participate – maybe your turn is this year.

The Board works best when there is representation from all of our rower categories – we need novices, as well as experienced rowers, scullers as well as sweepers, recreational, as well as competitive men, women and youth.

Board Positions

General Board Member – Masters
There are four general board positions to be filled by Masters. Board Members attend the meetings and vote to make the decisions that decide how the club functions. Each member usually takes on a project during the year and these make a great contribution to the club. (The projects can vary from setting up the cox box charging station to managing some of the site maintenance work or the Learn to Row Program.)

General Board Member – Youth
There is one general board position to be filled by a Youth Rower. Our Youth Board Member will be an important liaison and representative of the Youth Program. This individual will work with the board Secretary to communicate directly with the members of the Youth Program as well as represent the Youth Members at our monthly board meetings.

The secretary takes minutes of the Board Meetings, manages the Membership Renewal process, as well as the Board Elections. This position is also responsible for club correspondence throughout the year via Constant Contact. The holder of this position receives their annual membership fee free.

The Treasurer pays the bills, banks the membership dues, writes checks during the year for boat maintenance, etc. and controls the club bank accounts and budget. The holder of this position receives their annual membership fee free.

Vice President
The Vice-President is Boat Captain and manages our fleet and the boat site. The holder of this position receives their annual membership fee free.

The President keeps the boat, hopefully, going straight and communicates for the club, both internally and externally. The holder of this position receives their annual membership fee free.

Our elections will be conducted shortly via Constant Contact. We hope you will reflect for a few minutes and think about what contribution you can make to Swan Creek Rowing Club in 2017.

Please reply to this email by November 1 with your interest or if you have any questions.

Thank you!

If you would like to be on the ballot email secretary@swancreekrowing.com

Important Safety Announcements

We want to call to your attention two items:

Low River Levels
The river has been low all summer and fall but the gauge will drop below 8′ over the next few days, so now it is REALLY LOW….

Please use extra caution at the boat ramp and avoid the piles of stone directly off the ramp and on the Pennsylvania side of the river on the return trip (down river) by the 202 Toll Bridge. Be sure to get to the Jersey side and go through the deep channel through the shoals. Due to this needed navigation, be extra aware of other club members on the water as you may be moving in opposite directions, with your back to each other, going through the shoals. With conditions like this there is a chance to break off the skeg on the bottom of the boat. If this does happen please be sure to report this on an incident report and via email. Please refer to our website – www.swancreekrowing.com, access the menu under Administrivia/Incident Report.

Darkness & Fog
With the days getting shorter, please be mindful of getting off the water so there is some daylight for you to put the boat and oars away. At this point in the season you should be back at the boat ramp at approximately 6:30 as the darkness sets in by 6:45 and it will get earlier as the days go by.

If you are rowing in the evening, please use a bow light. They can be found in the equipment shed on the left-hand side.

Also be mindful of the fog in the mornings due to the cooler temperatures. Many days the fog is not lifting until at least 7 am or later.

Row Safely and Enjoy the Final Weeks of our 2016 Rowing Season!

Blue Flag Territory

This week (10/10/2016) we dipped into Blue Flag Territory for the first time this season. For new rowers, and a reminder for the rest, a Blue Flag indicates that the water temperature has fallen below 60 degrees and appropriate precautions should be taken.

The club website flag indicator will be blue when the temperature has fallen below 60 degrees Fahrenheit as monitored by the USGS site. As always flags flown above the desk have precedence over the website, but be aware as we move into fall the water will be colder in general and additional caution is advised.

Per our Safety Flag Definitions a Blue Flag means:

“Rowers classified as Novice and Youth rowers should adhere to the “Four Oars Rule”.  If the combined water/ambient air temperature does not total 90 degrees (F) or greater (with water temperature at least 45 degrees) a SCRC boat must use at least four oars to ensure a minimum of stability in the water.”

Review the USRowing Safety Guideline sections related to cold and hypothermia.


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