Club Notice for Philly Youth Regatta

The Swan Creek Youth will be attending the Philadelphia Youth Regatta this Saturday 7/21/2018. The following boats and equipment will be unavailable for general club use from Thursday evening 7/19 thru Sunday morning 7/22. Please plan your rowing accordingly.

  • Porter 8+
  • Kaschper Ext 8+
  • Menges 4+
  • Black midweight Vespoli 4+
  • Kaschper International 2+/-
  • Kathie 1x
  • Raven 2x

Colby and Colby yellow blades (16 total)
2 sets of sculling blades (The “F’s”)

Carnegie Lake Regatta 2018

Club Results

  • Mens Masters 4+, Race: 1b, (Jezyk, Sylvester, McGovern, Ralphs, c: Cantrell), 3 of 6
  • Mens Masters 4+, Race: 1d (Platt, Seaver, Pytlar, Mayer, c: Seelig), 3 of 5
  • Womens Masters 1x, (Glover), 2 of 6
  • Womens Masters Novice 4+, (Stack, Wood, Levine, Washington, c: Seelig), 2 of 2
  • Mens Masters 8+, (Seaver, Jezyk, King, Ewing, Mayer, Sylvester, McGovern, Ralphs, c: Cantrell)
  • Mens Masters 1x, Race: 12d, (Hill), 1 of 5 <<< GOLD
  • Mens Masters 1x, Race: 12d, (Mayer), 4 of 5
  • Mens Masters 1x, Race: 12f, (Pytlar), 4 of 6
  • Mens Masters 1x, Race: 12e, (Platt), 2 of 5
  • Womens Masters 4x, (Kruss, Allen, Riley, Green), 4 of 4
  • Mixed Masters 4x, (Platt, King, Dinan, Palestini-Falk), 4 of 6

Full results here

Group Gallery (thanks Sara Ewing, Bill King, Andrea Dinan):


Bill King’s gallery here

Ted Ralph’s gallery here

Row2k gallery:
Mens 8+: 1, 2, 3
Mark Craig’s Bella
Masters doing what they do best
Ted P
Womens 4x
Mixed 4x

Henley Masters Regatta 2018

Good Luck to Our Boys at Henley! Alan, Dave, Brian and Juergen are racing at the site of the Henley Royal Regatta in Henley-on-Thames, England in the Henley Masters Regatta this week. They are racing the straight four in the Men’s D category, and also joining up with ex-Swan Creeker Gary Dee and three members of his Pengwern BC to form a composite Men’s D 8+.

Results are available here.
Live results via Twitter are here.

In the first day of racing:

R48 MD8+ Swan Creek/Pengwern BC composite beat North Shore RC by 1 1/2L in a time of 3:28

R67 Mas D4- Swan Creek RC USA beat Marlow RC by 4 and 1/2 length and a time of 3:40.

Tomorrow (Saturday 7/14), the 8+ progresses to row against Chinook Performance Racing, USA at 8:20 am BST  /  3:20 am EDT.

And the 4- rows against Grosvenor Rowing Club, Chester at 10:52 am BST / 5:52 am EDT.

Alert: Low Water (Brown Flag)

Please be aware that the water level is dropping. Watch your depth. What was deep enough on your last row may be too shallow today. In general:

  • Stay close to the center line of the river on the appropriate side for your direction of travel (Jersey upstream, Pennsy downstream).
  • Watch the rocky area jutting out by Swan Creek.
  • Eights, fours, quads going upriver should use the arch to the left of the center pylon (or third opening from PA) to go UP River. Singles and doubles should use the opening to the right of the center pylon. All boats should only use the first two openings from PA to go DOWN the river. It is best to always use these openings no matter how high or low the river is. The habit will help to keep avoid hitting the bottom when the river is too low. Please see the second page of the River Map
  • Move closer to the center line when passing Alexauken Creek, watch for traffic in the opposite direction.  Frequently only one boat can pass. (Think of it a a single lane bridge on a two-way road.)
  • Above the toll bridge, traveling upstream on the Jersey side, stay as close as possible to the center line without crossing over to the Pennsy/downstream side.

Youth at Capital Sprints 2018


Mens Open 1x – Sam A. — 2nd

Womens Jr 1x – Ena A. — 3rd

Womens Jr 4+ – Liv, Gabi, Shelby, Mikayla, Carolyn (c) — 1st

Mens Jr 8+ – Bailey, Ben O, Will, Ian, Sam, Alex, Ronan, Aaron, Anna (c) — 5th

Mixed 4+ – Aaron, Maddie, Holland, James, Julia (c) — 5th

Mens Jr 2x – Ben D, Ian — 1st

Mens Open 2x – Sam, Will A. — 1st

Womens Jr 2x – Ena, Riley — 1st, Liv, Shelby — 3rd

Mens Jr 4+ – Ben O, Bailey, Ian, Ronan, Sarah W (c) — 5th Ben D, Will, Ryan, James, Anna (c) — 3rd

Womens Jr 8+ – Mikayla, Gabi, Maddie, Shelby, Janine, Holland, Emily, Kellyann, Sarah D (c) — 3rd

Mixed 8+ – Janine, Riley, Ryan, Will, Sam, Alex, Emily, Kellyann, Tamsyn (c) — 6th

Everyone raced over the 1,000m course at least twice. A beautiful day in DC, hot-seating fun and medals galore! 

After a quick shower we all headed over to the Nationals game (Nationals won over Marlins 4 – 18!) to celebrate our successes (and close races) as a team.

Another great day of racing in DC, well done Swan Creek Youth!

Coach Min

est. 1992