Hold On Cramp Right Leg Regatta 2018

Swan Creek Hold On Cramp Right leg (HOCRl) Regatta

On Saturday October 20th, Masters and Youth combined for a fun regatta on our stretch of the Delaware River which culminated in the marquee “Blade of Glory” event. It was a fantastic sight to see three multi-gender, multi-generational 8+s lined up and sprint racing under the free bridge to round out our year on/off the water! Thanks to all for participating and especially to our Youth Coaches for coordinating the chaos into a great event!

More pictures here

Alert: High Water 9/11/2018

As of 8:30 am on 9/11/2018 the river is above 11 feet and the Yellow Flag is posted. Expect the level to come up further this week and into the weekend.

(Note: this is a static screen capture as of about  8:30 am on 9/11/2018 . Go to the live NWS site for a current update.)

Monitor the flag indicator on this website, and the physical flag posted at the boat side for changes. River gauge can be found here.

Creating Global Connections

Swan Creek Master rower, Andrea Dinan, is collecting gently used/wearable items for a clothing drive. Items requested are:

clothing in all sizes, for all ages

  • shoes (all types)
  • outer wear
  • belts
  • ties
  • bed linens
  • towels
  • curtain
  • handbags
  • backpacks

Please place all items in white garbage bags.

Contact Andrea Dinan directly to arrange a donation

Drive ends September 30th.

All donations support Building Bridges, an English Immersion Camp in Merida, Mexico.

For more information: http://bit.ly/creatingglobalconnections

Lake Nox Row

Group of Swan Creek Masters after a long 16k+ row at Lake Nockamixon on Labor Day Weekend 2018 and before the main event – breakfast at Vera’s!

Photo thanks to Roseann Price

Oars Left at Launch Site

Apparently last night (8/27/2018) was a beautiful night for a row, including a rare visit from a hot air balloon. This morning 2 sweep oars were found at the launch site.

Please remember to return and clean all equipment after your row as specified by our boat captain.

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