September Announcements

It’s fall rowing…..remember:
-Days are getting shorter. On September 24, sunrise was 6:48am and sunset was 6:55. Boats may launch 30 minutes before sunrise and must have a bow light.

-Boats launching around sunset must launch with a bow light and must return before 30 minutes after sunset.

-No rowing in dense fog, defined as limited or no visibility of the Free Bridge (New Hope-Lambertville) from the launch site.

-No rowing if there is a storm warning issued for Bucks or Hunterdon County. If a storm watch is issued, coaches and rowers should check radar, use extreme caution, and be in a position to return to the launch area quickly as storms can change course and/or develop unpredictably.

Mark Your Calendars
Membership Meeting: November 13 @8:30am
Boat Move: right afterwards, November 13 @9am

Regatta Update
Both King’s Head and the Navy Day Regattas have been cancelled.

est. 1992