Concept 2 Erg Opportunity

Swan Creek is considering pursuing an opportunity to make NEW Concept2 ergs available to club members at a discounted price. The Concept2 erg is the industry standard and probably the best training tool beyond rowing in a boat. If there is enough interest, we would be able to offer an essentially new erg to club members at a cost no more than $790/unit. That’s a $210 savings off of buying a new erg directly form Concept 2. The Ergs offered would be used at the SCRC ErgFest and would be available after the event. The ergs would be the black Concept 2 Model D Ergs with the latest PM5 monitor.


Before committing to this, we would like to get an idea of interest from you over the next few days. If you are interested and would purchase an erg, please send a note to Alan Albanir at

Alan Albanir
Swan Creek Vice President.

2016 Equipment Acquisition Meeting

Wednesday, February 3
7 – 9 PM

Lambertville Public Library Community Room
6 Lilly St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

Please join us on Wednesday, February 3 for the 2016 Equipment Acquisition Meeting!

At this meeting, we will review the equipment requests that were gathered at the end of 2015 and identify which items the club will proceed with, relative to the available budget.

During our year end annual meeting on December 16, we highlighted a few factors which would influence this process:

1) The 2015 Board made the decision to allocate funds toward a new coach’s launch and two new motors to address safety and reliability concerns with the current fleet of launches.

2) The 2016 budget includes allocating more funds toward yearly repair of equipment which better aligns with our actual needs. Historically, marginal funds have been allocated to boat/oar maintenance.

3) The 2016 budget includes a specific line item to allocate money towards refreshing/refurbishing existing equipment. The current thought is to earmark those funds to refresh mechanical/wear items on the club’s doubles and pairs.

4) The Nell, a club favorite, is out for professional hull repair.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Alan Albanir
Vice President
Swan Creek Rowing Club

2016 Membership Application

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We wish you the Best in Health and Rowing for 2016!

Now that the new year is upon us, Swan Creek Rowing Club would like to notify you that the 2016 Membership Application and Waiver are available on our website.

We ask that the application, waiver and membership dues be submitted by March 1, 2016, or, prior to participation in any club sponsored events.  Interest in rowing is definitely on the rise so it is very important that we receive your 2016 Membership Application as soon as possible, but no later than March 1, so we can better assess the opportunities for new club members.

As of January 1, 2016, the US Rowing Waiver is also available, which must be completed by each member as part of your membership application.  Instructions for completing the US Rowing Waiver are on the SCRC Membership Application.

Beginning this year, US Rowing is adding an administrative fee of $5.75, for basic members when they join or renew, which will increase nominally over a three year period.  There will be no change to championship member dues.

Richard Park
Swan Creek Rowing Club

Resolution Row 2016 Results

Swan creek had 7 participants with 5 first place finishes,  1 2nd place finish and a 7th & 11th. Great to see good representation and strong times for so early in the winter training season. Thanks to all that showed up.

40-49 mens masters – Alan Albanir, 1of4   6:36.1    1:36.0 split
50-59 mens masters – Juergen Rahtz , 1of5  6:57.0    1:44.2 split
60-69 mens masters – Ted Pytlar, 1of1  7:29.3  1:52.3 split
Boys 7th Grade 1000m – Derek Zwickle  1of2 4:06.6    2:03.3 split
Girls 8th Grade 1000m – Olivia Zwickle  2of4 4:20.8    2:10.4 split
Boys HS Varsity – Will Darling , 7of16  7:07.6 1:46.9 split
Boys HS Varsity – Neal Hafner,  11of16  7:14.6 1:48.7 split
Girls 7th Grade 1km – Shelby Williford 1 of 2 2:04.5 (rowing as Navesink)

Full results here: Resolution Row Combined Results

Note – Alan won a bottle of wine for fastest time of day

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