New River Level Update

On the right-hand side of the website, we now show more frequent updates of the Trenton river level from the NOAA site. We use the Trenton level to gauge whether a yellow or red warning applies. This corresponds to our flag system.

  • If 12 feet and over, “RED FLAG” will be displayed.
  • If the level is between 11 and 12 feet, “YELLOW FLAG” will be displayed.
  • If less than 11 feet, “NO FLAG” will be displayed.

For example:

04/01 10:15: 13.5ft (RED)
04/09 17:15: 11.32ft (YELLOW)
04/14 07:15 9.5ft 

Note that the times are 24 hour times, so if you see “07:15” it’s 7:15 AM. 7:15 PM is shown as “19:15”. Levels are updated by NOAA every 15 minutes.

This display is for convenience and does not supercede the yellow and red flags posted above the desk at the site. The flags always have precedence and should be heeded over information on the website.