Youth at Capital Sprints 2018


Mens Open 1x – Sam A. — 2nd

Womens Jr 1x – Ena A. — 3rd

Womens Jr 4+ – Liv, Gabi, Shelby, Mikayla, Carolyn (c) — 1st

Mens Jr 8+ – Bailey, Ben O, Will, Ian, Sam, Alex, Ronan, Aaron, Anna (c) — 5th

Mixed 4+ – Aaron, Maddie, Holland, James, Julia (c) — 5th

Mens Jr 2x – Ben D, Ian — 1st

Mens Open 2x – Sam, Will A. — 1st

Womens Jr 2x – Ena, Riley — 1st, Liv, Shelby — 3rd

Mens Jr 4+ – Ben O, Bailey, Ian, Ronan, Sarah W (c) — 5th Ben D, Will, Ryan, James, Anna (c) — 3rd

Womens Jr 8+ – Mikayla, Gabi, Maddie, Shelby, Janine, Holland, Emily, Kellyann, Sarah D (c) — 3rd

Mixed 8+ – Janine, Riley, Ryan, Will, Sam, Alex, Emily, Kellyann, Tamsyn (c) — 6th

Everyone raced over the 1,000m course at least twice. A beautiful day in DC, hot-seating fun and medals galore! 

After a quick shower we all headed over to the Nationals game (Nationals won over Marlins 4 – 18!) to celebrate our successes (and close races) as a team.

Another great day of racing in DC, well done Swan Creek Youth!

Coach Min