Tentative 2013 ErgFest Date

Although still in the planning stages, the 2013 Swan Creek Erg Fest will likely be held on Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 8:30 am at the Eagle Fire Hall in New Hope. Note the earlier date this year (last year’s race was on 3/25/2012). Based on feedback from 2012, we decided on the earlier date to better synchronize with the youth program’s winter training, attract more rowers that may want to use ErgFest as a warmup for other races scheduled in Feburary, and to ensure that indoor racing is well behind us before we hit the water in spring.

ErgFest will precede these other major or local races:

2/2 Mainline Slide
2/3 Haddonfield Hammer
2/9 Center City Slam
2/17 CRASHB’s

Note that in 2013 we will also be offering a 1000M alternative distance.

Check back for updates.