Successful Work Party

Hello Swan Creek Rowing Club!

We had a great day on Sunday! We completed phase one of our preparations for the 2015 rowing season at SCRC! A big thank you goes out to Alan for organizing the clean up and the boat move this coming weekend. We were able to accomplish all of the needed tasks on the list. This is largely due to the efforts of some of our members and youth team parents. We had a great group of folks working at the site this weekend! Swan Creek would like to thank some Dads from the youth program; Mr. Sterling (Reese’s dad), Mr. Lear (Mason’s dad) and Mr. Cantrell (Olivia’s Dad) and the guys from the men’s sweep team (Tom Linus, Matt, Bob, Joe, Gary, Jack, Mark C., Steve & Holly) David, Ron & Megan (a new member from last year’s LTR) as well as the ever present Ted Pytlar. All of the boat racks have been worked on and the 8+ rack redesigned by Matt Jezyk to handle our growing fleet! We are also rebuilding the sculling blade rack and adding the space for sweep oars.

Our Youth team came out in impressive numbers (I cannot attempt to name them all!). We have a great group of young adults here at SCRC! Their attitude is great and they are happy to give back to their club. Large tasks are taken care of quickly with team work! The kids cleared out all of the dead branches, old boat racks and all garbage. The site looks looks great and is ready for the 2015 season.
Getting all of this work done this weekend was important because we have a tree service coming in this week (weather permitting) to remove a dead tree at the back end of the boat site. We were able to secure approval from the Parks Commission last week to remove the tree that was hanging over the private 1x boat racks.

All in all it was a great day! The snow was melting and the smell of spring was in the air! Next week we tackle the boat move and follow up on tasks from this weekend.

Yours in Rowing,