High Water Alert 9/19/2012

As of 2:23 am on 9/19/2012 the NOAA site shows the water level rising rapidly, exceeding 12 feet (the no row level) sometime today, and cresting near 15 feet early Friday morning. This rise will likely be accompanied by fast moving water and debris.

Boat Maintenance Survey

As the club now has more and more members using more boats, the maintenance is not a one or two person volunteer job. We all need to pitch in to keep the boats and the site in good working order.

The results of last month’s boat survey highlighted two things:
1.       Members want to have good boats that row well
2.       Most of you are willing to contribute some time to maintenance.

In order to achieve the first point, we need everyone’s help. It is always great when so many of us show up for “work” days like the boat moves and site cleanup, but to keep our boats in good working order throughout the season, we need to step up the maintenance a notch. We shouldn’t spend our money on good boats to row if we don’t maintain them.

In the club, we have four groups of rowers: Youth, W1, Men/Mixed and scullers. We have defined several maintenance areas and will set up teams to take charge of these areas consisting of one responsible person from each of our rower group. These people will be responsible to either do the maintenance duties for the team, or to find a rep from their group to participate. With this organization, we hope to both share the load of work and get the work done.

A couple of the teams are more technical, but some basic site maintenance (like washing the towels and taking the trash off site) can be done by anyone. We are so lucky to have a few people that contribute a lot of time to the club, but it is not fair for them not to be supported by us all. Remember, because this is a volunteer organization we can keep our dues low. As the club is volunteer run, we believe that everyone, whether Youth or Masters, whether you are new to the club or been around since dinosaurs rowed a quad, needs to contribute.

Please take this survey

Thank you for your participation in the survey. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

Membership Board

Board Elections – Time to Get Involved

The Swan Creek Board elections will take place during the third week of November. Let Abra (abrahaverstick@gmail.com) know if you are interested in running. As we are a volunteer managed organization – everyone needs to be involved on the Board at some time.

The Board works best when there is representation from all of our rower categories – we need novices, as well as experienced, scullers as well as sweepers, recreational, as well as competitive, men and women, the old ones and the young ones. Being a Board member doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time, but it is essential that everyone participate – your turn is maybe this year.

  • General Board Member: There are 5 positions and these are fun ones. Board members attend the meetings and vote to make the decisions that decide how the club functions. Each member usually takes on a project during the year and these make a great contribution to the club. (the projects can vary from setting up the cox box charging station, assisting in the 501c3 application process, to managing some of the site maintenance work and the Learn to Row).
  • Secretary: The secretary takes minutes of the Board meetings, manages the membership renewal process, as well as the Board elections. There is also some correspondence to be done and records to be kept. The holder of this position gets their annual membership fee free.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer pays the annual bills, banks the membership dues, writes checks during the year for boat maintenance, etc. and controls the club bank accounts and budget. The holder of this position gets their annual membership fee free.
  • Vice President: The Vice-President is Boat Captain and manages our fleet and the boat site. The holder of this position gets their annual membership fee free.
  • President: The President keeps the boat, hopefully, going straight and communicates for the club, both internally and externally. The holder of this position gets their annual membership fee free.

Our elections will be conducted via Constant Contact. I hope you reflect for a few minutes and think about what role you can take.

Boat Problems

Thought I better get this information out ASAP to people who might be rowing the club boats. Something weird is happening at the site.

We went out today in the Sykes and several of the bolts were missing or extremely loose.
The Vespoli was missing bolts last week. We quickly checked bolts on some other boats and the Fred Lewis was missing bolts.

Really hoping we don’t have someone who is sabotaging the boats – this could be, frankly, a deadly prank. Or, someone is really rowing hard. So, please double check all bolts before taking any boat out.


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