Last Youth Regatta – Philadelphia Youth Regatta 2015 and Senior Goodbyes

The last youth regatta of the season was the Philadelphia Youth Regatta last Saturday, the final regatta for many seniors now heading off for college :'(   and unfortunately for them this regatta grew quickly and had the largest field competing alongside us than in previous years.

Results were as follows:

  • Boys J16 8+   8th of 9
  • Boys J18 4+   11th of 26     Included senior Jack Darling, heading off to St Joes with a scholarship. Great ending to his SCRC career – thanks Jack!
  • Girls J18 4+   10th of 21     All juniors, one to watch next season.
  • Boys J16 4+    12th of 13
  • Girls J16 4+    5th of 16      Best result of the day! 3 of last years LTR, great job ladies.
  • Boys 8+          15th               Included seniors Jack Darling again.

Au revoir Rob Falk who is heading west to LAs Chapman University with a scholarship – thank you for all your work behind the scenes with the filming for the board and your input to the Youth Committee!

Michael Breed going off to University of Michigan, good luck ignoring all of those rowing clubs Mike!

Girls 8+          11th               Included senior Olivia Harrison who’s heading to Villanova, Coach Jack was welling up with pride. I think it was pride… good luck Olivia!

We also say goodbye to:

Mackenzie King – currently in Rio with the US Junior National team. Not a bad end to her SCRC career – and we’re taking full credit. She may have had some input I suppose. Heading to University of Virginia in Charlottesville with a scholarship.

Stephen Brown – plagued with random non-rowing related injuries his last year but now headed to University of Delaware with a presidential scholarship. Please wrap yourself in bubble-wrap every time you leave the building Stephen.

Sean Rickenbach – headed to James Madison University in Virginia to be excellent. We’ll miss you big guy!

Lauren Schuman – Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster is calling, a beautiful college. We’ll miss your positivity and kindness.

Max Wohl – heading off to Pitt. Good luck Max!

And finally a goodbye to Coach Jack Dienes who has been a coach for the youth program for 2 years now. His drive and commitment to the team is reflected in how the youth treat and respect him. He’s a great athlete himself (when not horribly horribly injured) and he showed the kids what it took, elevating keen athletes to another level with his insight and knowledge of collegiate level rowing. We will miss him incredibly and wish him the very best of luck during his PhD at University of Virginia.

Not a bad bunch. We will miss them all very much. Thank you for all your hard work over the years, come back to your Swan Creek family when you can. Blub blub.

Coach Min