Alert: New Hazards

Update 8/18/2016 PM: two smaller tree sections above the free bridge appear to be gone.

With recent rains we now have three tree limbs/trunks in the river. A full tree is up by the shoals on the Pennsy side and is pretty obvious. There are two smaller tree sections loosely anchored to the river bottom that (as of this past weekend) were about 100 meters above the free bridge on  the Jersey half of the river. Both are just poking above the surface of the water and appear to be  debris or weeds but are actually quite large, both are mobile so expect them to continue moving.

In addition to looking out for debris, the water level continues to dip into Brown Flag territory (<8.5 feet on the Trenton scale), and there are a number of new rowers on the river. It’s a good idea for everyone to review the river navigation pattern, pay particular attention to which side of the river you should be on when travelling in each direction, which bridge openings to use (especially note that when coming downstream, only the first two arches on the Pennsy side are for downstream travel), and where the shallows are.

The navigation map is on the website here: Rowing -> Rower’s Map of the River