Head of the Schuylkill Run Up

  • HOSR is the weekend of 10/27-28/2012
  • Registration pick-up change this year:
    • “Please note that bow and back markers for ALL boats registered by club or rowing program will be distributed on a per-club or per-program basis. That is, ALL bow and back markers for University Barge Club, for example, will be in ONE packet with a complete listing of every boat, event, registered athlete, and bow number. We recommend you designate one person in your club or program to pick up the packet and distribute the bow and back numbers to your athletes.”
    • Platt will pick up the envelope and leave it in the desk on the evening of Friday 10/26.
  • Boat Usage:
    • All HOSR entrants are using private/borrowed shells or are entered in boats with other clubs.
    • No SCRC boats will be in use at HOSR, however a significant amount of equipment is going up to the Head of the Fish over the same weekend. Plan your rows accordingly.